Vacu-Storr High Vacuum Glass Storage Containers



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Rave Scientific offers the Vacu-Storr high vacuum glass storage container have been especially developed for protecting materials and samples which are sensitive to dust, moisture, oxygen or other gases found in the environment. The containers consists of a soda lime glass jar, nickel plated aluminum lid, viton O-ring seal and a metal sealed high vacuum valve. The high vacuum valve has a 6mm (1/4”) barbed hose fitting to connect the hose to a vacuum pump or vacuum pumping system. The Vacu-Storr desiccators are capable of reaching a vacuum level of 10-4mbar and expect to have an estimated vacuum holding time of 5 years to 100mbar.

There are 4 sizes available; all supplied with a protective plastic netting and a protective polymer coating on the outside to prevent damages.

Application examples for the Vacu-Storr high vacuum glass desiccators:

  • Protecting oxygen reactive materials, such as magnesium and lithium metals and alloys
  • Protecting moisture sensitive parts such as integrated circuits, rare earth elements and steel
  • Storing superconductive materials
  • Storing combustible powders in vacuum
  • Storing SEM and TEM samples
  • Shipping container for sensitive materials
  • Storing of pre-cleaned parts, such as apertures