MEL BUILD In-situ Nano Order Tensile TEM Holder

tensile holder system

The MEL-BUILD Nano-Order Tensile TEM holder is capable of implementing external stimuli to observe real-time sample dynamics. During tensile testing, sequences of TEM images including morphology, selected area electron diffraction (SAED) and high-resolution lattice images can be acquired. The major advantage of this technique is its capability to use TEM imaging solely for high magnification micro-structural observations and conduct more complex in-situ TEM testing such as fatigue tests. 


MEL-BUILD In-Situ Nano Order TEM Holder Specifications

tensile holder system

High-Angle Triple-Axis tem holder

Applicable instrument:
TFS Tecnai, Titan, JEOL HR pole piece type

Maximum X (α) tilt range +/-80°
(Limited by the Gonio stage tilt angle.)

Maximum Y (β) tilt range +/- 7.50°
Supports high-resolution

Material Model
Tensile resolution: 1nm/step 3nm/dec
Tensile Distance: 200μm
Tilt Angle: TFS ±65°
JEOL HR PP ±60°/ UHR PP ±10°
Cartridge Model: Prepare FIB and Bulk sample
Soft Material Model
Tensile resolution: 1nm/step 3nm/dec
Tensile Distance: JEOL Model 800%
TFS 200%
Tilt Angle: JEOL HR PP ±20°/ UHR PP ±10°
TFS ±20°
Cyclic Straining Mode: JEOL Available
TFS Not Function
Cartridge Model: Prepare Microtome and FIB