SEM Sample Holders


Rave Scientific offers the EM-Tec range of SEM sample holders. Our wide variety of holders makes it easier and quicker to mount your samples directly in the SEM. How does this work? It is simple. All of our sample holders have an "M4" screw at the bottom of the every holder. You only need to add the appropriate stage adapter for your electron microscope.In the case of most Hitachi electron microscopes then you need not add a stage adapter i.e. In most Hitachi SEM systems sample holders mount with an M4 screw.

All EM-Tec sample holders will integrate with any SEM or FIB-SEM workstation. Another option is for an end user to choose the appropriate stub adapter for your electron microscope. Samples are held by clamping between jaws or secured with screws. All of our sample holders secure firmly which means the sample won't move. This increases spatial resolution both for imaging and analysis. With our range of sample holders there is no out-gassing or contamination issues. All EM-Tec SEM sample holders with an M4 threaded hole are fully compatible with our EM-Tec SEM Adapters.