Non-Conductive Double Sided Adhesive Tabs



rs mn double sided adhesive tabs


Rave Scientific offers non-conductive double-sided tabs that are useful for AFM, LM and SEM applications where conductivity is not a first requirement. The Micro-Tec ENT12 Easy-Tabs area direct replacement for the renowned Lift-N-Press tabs, which are no longer available. The Micro-Tec ENT12 Easy-Tabs with a diameter of 12.5mm consists of a thin polypropylene carrier with a film of strong adhesive on both sides. The Micro-Tec ENT12 Easy-Tabs are supplied on siliconized paper strip and covered with a siliconized paper tag with a small tab for easy removal. They provide excellent adhesion, even on “difficult” surfaces. To use: lift the tab with the tag of the backing strip, press the sticky surface to the mount, then peel back the tag leaving the adhesive tab behind. Excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces of metals, plastics, glass, paper, and small particles or fibers. Compatible with Ø12 and Ø15mm AFM discs, Ø12mm mica discs, Ø12.7mm SEM pin stubs, Ø12.2mm JEOL stubs and Ø15mm Hitachi stubs. The benefits of Micro-Tec ENT12 Easy-Tabs premium adhesive tabs are:

  • High strength thin adhesive tape (80µm) combined with high tack
  • Smoother surface for better particle detection
  • Longer shelf life and lower outgassing
  • Supplied on a roll
  • Specifications of the Micro-Tec ENT12 Easy-Tabs non-conductive double sided adhesive tabs

    Micro-Tec ENT12  Material

    Polypropylene carrier with double sided adhesive




    Synthetic rubber

    Carrier film

    BOPP Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene

    Carrier film thickness

    30 µm

    Adhesive thickness

    2 x 25 µm

    Total thickness

    80 µm

    Adhesive strength

    17N / 25mm Stainless steel

    Elongation until break %


    Use temperature range

    -10°C to +50°C


    12.5 mm

    Protective films

    Siliconized paper


    Roll with 100 tabs or roll with 500 tabs



$21.95 each

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