Nano-Tec Gold Coated Microscope Slide



rs mn 10 AU8631


Rave Scientific offers the Nano-Tec gold coated microscope slides which are intended for microscopy, AFM / SPM, nanotechnology and biotechnology applications. They are also useful as opaque light microscopy supports. The microscope slides are pre-cleaned before coating and coated with a 50nm of Au over a 5nm adhesion layer of Ti. Both Ti and Au are deposited in a dedicated high vacuum deposition system with electron beam evaporation sources. The gold coating is not atomically flat; there are height differences in the nm range. The Nano-Tec gold coated microscope slides are autoclavable. Individually packed in a microscope slide mailer.



Microscope slide size 75x25x1mm

Microscope slide glass

Soda lime glass

Adhesion film thickness


Adhesion film material

Titanium, 99.98%

Gold film thickness


Gold film purity



Several nm



$97.32 each

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