Guided Training and Consulting

Rave Scientific brings together an expert team of academic and industrial guides in the areas of FIB, SEM. EDX and sample preparation. Each Rave guide commands more than twenty-five years of experience in their specific field of operation and training.

Our goal is to improve your proficiency and competence, ensuring you acquire the best results out of your instrument in the least amount of time.

Single & multi-day on-site programs for industrial and academic institutions combine SEM/EDX theory with an emphasis on the practical operation and basic maintenance that is specific to each electron column, spectrometer and graphical user interface.

Our guides can assist your lab in developing work flows specific to your application, guiding both existing and new on-boarding operators, significantly improving both your data quality & through-put.

Many SEM and FIB users simply have not been adequately shown the full capability of their own instrument.
Our experienced guides will teach basic benchmarking and maintenance including checking resolution, magnification (scan coil) calibration and insuring you obtain the most accurate and optimal analytical results. Some key areas of emphasis are as follows:

  • Our primary user training combines hands-on instruction supported with classroom theory. We offer a comprehensive overview into the practical operation of your scanning electron microscope, including gun and column setup with an emphasis on the use of secondary and backscatter electron detectors focusing on how this information should be used with EDX analysis, and Variable Pressure/Low Vacuum operation.
  • Rave guides are fully able to provide an industry insiders comprehensive and objective review of all of your instrument’s functions including the use, optimization and customizing of the graphical user interface (GUI). Using your samples, our goal is to guide you and your SEM users in developing workflows that improve both the quality and output of your data.
  • Our Rave SEM/FIB super-user guides are all industry demonstrators, teachers and core facility managers and are among the most experienced and proficient users in the world. Whether it is application development with advanced users or basic new operator training, our experienced guides will assist you in meeting your goals.