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micro ct zeiss context

ZEISS Xradia Context is a large field-of-view, non-destructive 3D X-ray micro-computed tomography system. With a robust stage and flexible software-controlled source/detector positioning, you can image large, heavy (25 kg), and tall samples in their full 3D context, as well as small samples with high resolution and detail.

  • Obtain 3D data on entire intact electronic components, large raw materials samples, or biological specimens.
  • Perform non-destructive failure analysis to identify internal defects without cutting your sample or workpiece.
  • Characterize and quantify performance-defining heterogeneities in your materials, like porosity, cracks, inclusions, defects, or multiple phases.
  • Perform 4D evolutionary studies, through ex situ treatment or in situ sample manipulation.
  • Connect to the ZEISS correlative microscopy environment and perform nondestructive 3D imaging to identify regions of interest for subsequent high resolution 2D or 3D electron microscopy imaging.