Micro-Tec Diamond Polishing Paste


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Rave Scientific offers Micro-Tec diamond polishing pastes for polishing and cleaning applications of metals, alloys, glass, ceramics, semiconductors and other hard materials. Also suitable for polishing metallographic and petrographic samples. Oil based formula which can be applied on polishing cloths. The Micro-Tec diamond polishing compound is made from mono-crystalline synthetic diamonds mixed with a mineral and vegetable oil based compound. The diamond powder is micron graded and mixed into the colour coded paste to distinguish between sizes. The oil soluble carrier compounds holds the paste together very well, even when high speed polishing discs are used. Use lubricants or extenders which are compatible with oil based (oil soluble) diamond paste.  Available in 12 sizes from 0.5µm to 40µm and a set containing one of each size; supplied in 5 gram syringes for easy application. 

How to use diamond polishing paste
Most grinding, lapping and polishing using diamond paste is done progressively; starting with a coarser grade and then finishing with a finer grade. Make sure the sample or work piece is thoroughly cleaned/rinsed before you use a finer grade diamond paste. Apply the diamond paste on a billiard type cloth and spread evenly; a lubricant or extender (mixture of glycol / alcohol / water / detergent) can be used to thin the paste. 
The grade to start with depends on the conditions of the surface. If a micro-finish grinding or lapping paper is used prior to the polishing step; one could start with the 10µm or 6µm grade and step down to 3µm and 0.5µm.  For coarser surfaces consider starting with 20-40µm grade and then gradually step down to 0.5µm.
Warning: diamond powder is a hard material and can be easily pressed into the surface of soft materials (aluminium, coper, tin, a.s.; use light pressure when polishing soft materials.

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