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Rave Scientific offers the versatile Edwards ELD500 Helium Leak detectors. Helium leak testing has its roots in the mid-20th century when helium's unique properties made it an ideal tracer gas for detecting leaks in various systems. The technique gained prominence during the space race and Cold War era, particularly in industries like aerospace and nuclear power. Today, helium leak testing is a widely used method for ensuring the integrity of sealed systems, from industrial applications to medical devices.

Leak detection with the test gas helium is safe, quantitative and repeatable. Helium leak detectors are the ideal solution for leak detection and leak-tightness testing under vacuum. The test gas helium is safe and a small, a light molecule which is suitable for detecting micro leaks. The detection range of helium in vacuum tests lies between 10-2 and 10-13 Pa · m3/s. Helium leak detection is extremely accurate, quantitative and repeatable. Fast cycle times are a further advantage. Manual sniffing or spraying is often the easiest way to detect a leak with Helium. But it is also possible to use automatic leak detection solutions which are independent of the operator and provide a considerably higher detecting speed. The integral leak detection is designed to achieve pre-defined quality and component throughput levels. The use of test gas leak detection methods has the bonus of delivering extra data compared to traditional leak detection methods such as bubble testing or pressure drop methods. These data can be used to improve production processes and successfully detect every leak.

All models feature a rugged turbomolecular pump optimized for the rigors of portable leak detection and can be configured with the optional transport cart shown here.  Variants include.

  • WET version with an integrated oil sealed rotary vane pump.
  • DRY version with an integrated helium optimized diaphragm pump.
  • FLEX version without a primary pump, ideal for trolley mounting along with a larger primary pump such as an Edwards nXDS scroll pump
  • Flexible remote control options, features include.
  • Color touch screen control with local graphical display
  • Audible leak indication via loudspeaker or headphones
  • Data logging to local memory or USB stick.
  • Wired or wireless models available.
  • Wireless model allows simultaneous control of up to 10 leak detectors.
  • The partial flow kit allows effective pump down of large or contaminated volumes.
  • Compatible with WET and FLEX variants.
  • Allows automatic calculation and display of actual leak rate ͵ Enables leak detection from atmospheric pressure • Extensive range of sniffer lines available for accurate pin-pointing of leaks on pressurized systems ͵ Standard sniffer line enables operation up to 4m from the ELD500 ͵ Longer sniffer lines of up to 50m can be used with the sniffer extender interface.

Edwards ELD500 Brochure

Edwards ELD500 Data Sheet

Edwards Mobile Trolley Cart for the ELD500 Helium Leak Detector_Data-Sheet

pfeiffer asm 340 oil rotary vane he detector
Edwards ELD500 DRY 100-120volts, 60Hz
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pfeiffer asm 310 oil free he detector
Edwards ELD500 WET, 100-120 V, 60Hz
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pfeiffer asm 310 oil free he detector
Edwards ELD500 Flex, 100-120 V, 60Hz
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