SEM Stub Gripper Tweezers

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rs mn sem stub gripper tweezersOverview

Rave Scientfic offers the EM-Tec SEM stub gripper tweezers which are specially designed to securely grip SEM sample stubs and mounts without touching them by hand. This tool promotes clean handling and helps avoid any issues of contamination. The SEM stub gripper tweezers are all made from anti-magnetic stainless steel and are clean room compatible. The selection of the EM-Tec SEM stub gripper tweezers will accommodate the following: 

  • Grooved pin stubs with 12.7mm, 25.4, 19 and 32mm head diameter
  • JEOL cylinder stubs with 9.5, 12.2, 25 and 32mm diameter
  • Hitachi cylinder stubs with 15, 25 and 32mm diameter. 

The EM-Tec SEM stub gripper tweezers have tips that fit directly into the groove of the SEM stub; the angle between tip and handle is 45°. The EM-Tec SEM stub grippers for the cylinder stubs are designed to grip the SEM cylinder stubs from above; the angle between tip and handle is 30°. For the grooved Ø12.7 and Ø25.4mm pin stubs, there are also scissor type SEM stub grippers available; these provide a stronger grip than the tweezer style stub gripper. The scissor type SEM stub grippers are made from anti-magnetic stainless steel. The SEM stub grippers can also be used to pick up a variety of other type of samples with similar diameters as the SEM stubs. Metallographic embedding of 25 and 30mm or 1” and 1-1/4” can be handled or used when etching the surface of the samples. Substrate discs can be picked up at the edge.

  • Hardened steel cutting blades with precision ground edges
  • Smooth wide handles for asserting pressure
  • Matte anti-glare finish
  • Choice of angled or parallel blades for smooth cutting action
  • Cutting of soft copper, gold, silver, aluminium and magnetic wires