ZEISS Crossbeam Family


The ZEISS Crossbeam Workstation sets the standard for imaging and ion beam processing capability. The combination of the ZEISS proven GEMINI electron optical design and ZEISS Ion Sculptor FIB column allows technicians and researchers alike to push the boundaries of their work. The Crossbeam delivers sub-nm SEM imaging, ultra thin TEM samples for STEM and TEM characterization, and best in class 3D reconstruction results. Whether your requirements are in Semi-Conductor for Failure Analysis, Industry, Academic and Government Research,  the Crossbeams versatility will address all of your requirements, and more. Take advantage of ZEISS Crossbeam’s modular platform concept and upgrade your system with growing needs, e.g. with the LaserFIB for massive material ablation.  Crossbeam will address and exceed in the following applications: 
  • TEM Sample Preparation 
  • Cross Section Characterization 
  • Precise Prototyping/Device Modification 
  • Massive Material Ablation with the ZEISS Laser FIB
  • 3D Reconstruction 
  • 3D EDS
  • 3D EBSD 
  • Integration of TOF SIMS