JEOL Stage Adapters 


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Rave Scientific  offers the EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adapters for JEOL SEM, FESEMs and SEM/FIB systems. Our stage adapters  consist of a dovetail with an M4 screw. All Rave Scientific holders are offered with an M4 option. As a result the  JEOL adapters  are all compatible with all EM-Tec sample holders with an M4 Hole. Offered are four different styles  of EM-Tec versatile SEM stage dovetail adapters to cover virtually all JEOL SEMs:

JEOL Neoscope type EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adapter kit for JCM6000 and JCM5000 benchtop SEMs.

The EM-Tec JV40 versatile SEM stage adapter kit is based on the JEOL Neoscope disc type stage adapter. It has a height adjustment pillar with an M4 screw on top. This EM-Tec versatile stage adapter will give JEOL NeoScope users access to the large selection of the EM-Tec SEM sample holders with an M4 threaded hole. This adapter kit is fully compatible with the benchtop SEMs JEOL NeoScope JCM6000 and JCM5000. The EM-Tec JV-40 versatile SEM stage adapters for NeoScope benchtop SEMs include the stage adapter, two height adjustment pillars  (18 and 25mm) with M4 screw and a height gauge to set the sample height. Simply replace the original JELO Neoscope stage adapter with the EM-Tec JV40 Neoscope stage adapter and use any of the EM-Tec sample holders which will fit in the chamber of the Neoscope.