Safematic CCU-010 SEM Coating System


The Swiss made Safematic sputter and carbon coating system is a paradigm shift in the area of ease of use and throughput for electron microscopy sample preparation. This modular based system allows an end user to configure the system as a dedicated sputter or carbon only coating system, or both, and can be configured for low or high vacuum  operation.

The patented automated carbon threading system allows for up to 70 unattended carbon depositions with no user intervention down to 1nm, providing the most advanced and versatile system design on the market today. Low vacuum systems have an in the field upgrade path to high vacuum operation, thus protecting your investment if your application requirements change. With the press of one button the CCU-010 recipe driven system produces reliable and reproducible results within minutes.

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Safematic Unique Features and Applications

  • Automatic Carbon Thread Transport-Our carbon head design allows for automatic threading during a coating run without the need to break vacuum or operator intervention. You will simply only need to initiate  a coating sequence and return when the coating is complete. 
  • Adaptable Sputter Coating Head-If in the future you have a requirement for SEM coating of sputtered materials e.g,. Gold, Palladium, you need only purchase the interchangeable head that is exchanged for  the Carbon thread head. You will then have the capability of  carbon evaporation and sputtering  materials.
  • High Vacuum In the Field Upgrade Path-The Safematic offers an in the field upgrade path to a high vacuum system. High vacuum is required for the sputtering of materials such as Chromium and ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) 
  • Vacuum Pumps are Contained in the Chassis-All pumps for our LV and HV systems are conveniently contained in the chassis. 

Safematic Automatic Carbon Threading System

Whether an end user needs to sputter, vaporize, or apply plasma treatment to carbon – you can configure the Safematic system for each of these applications by simply changing the process head. The Safematic system comes in two versions: The CCU-010 LV for low vacuum applications and the CCU-010 HV for high-vacuum applications. The modular concept of this product provides an in the field upgrade path, making it easy to convert the LV unit to a HV unit. The plug-and-play concept allows you to start up the device by yourself. You only need to connect the power supply and process gas.

SP-010 Sputtering Module

sp 010 sputtering module

An integral part of the Safematic CCU-010 system is the SP-010 sputtering module. The housing of the SP-010 holds the chosen target. This allows our coating system to have a small form factor and yet offer all the features required for high quality sputter coating in a vacuum environment. The module fully integrates a magnetron, target, shutter, process pressure regulator and power electronics in a unique, robust unit that is guaranteed to be ready for operation and easy to maintain. An innovative interface with power and gas supply as well as signal transmission allows the modular system to be configured to work as a sputtering unit with just a single hand movement.

Highlights of the SP-010 Sputtering Module

  • Electronically controlled process vacuum ensures stable pressure in the receptacle.
  • Circular gas orifice ensures homogeneous process gas distribution.
  • Detection and monitoring of splinter protection guarantees safe operation.
  • Target cooling with temperature monitoring ensures smooth operation.
  • Uniform electrical and pneumatic interface for use with basic units CCU-010 HV and CCU-010 LV.

CT-010 Carbon Thread Module

ct 10 carbon thread module

As a small, compact module, the CT-010 carbon yarn head has all the technical characteristics required for reproducible vaporizations and subsequent surface modifications. A newly developed automatic carbon yarn tracking system enables the unit to generate up to 50 carbon films without the user having to adjust the carbon yarn vaporizer. A high-performance combination of carbon coating and subsequent glow discharge treatment without interrupting the vacuum conditions ensures exceptionally efficient generation of hydrophilic carbon-carrying films.


  • An innovative, automatic tracking system (patent pending) manages up to 2m of carbon yarn, which is deployed using a spool.
  • Pulsed electrical surges in ‘regular’ and ‘gentle’ mode meet every need, from rapid coating processes through to high-precision carbon coatings that are exceptionally easy on the samples.
  • A process gas controller delivers the air for the glow discharge precisely on the surface of the substrate.
  • Precise control of plasma output allows for a broad range of applications for modifying the surface properties of samples.
  • Uniform electrical and pneumatic interface for use with basic units CCU-010 HV and CCU-010 LV

safematic rs 010 rotary stage

Safematic RS-010 Rotary Stage

safematic ps 010 planetary stage

Safematic PS-010 Planetary Stage

The above PS-010 planetary stage combined with the RS-010 rotary stage provides maximum flexibility. An integrated plug connection for the motor and layer thickness sensor is provided allowing the sample table to be exchanged in seconds. This stage delivers a universal, smooth adjustment of table height, tilt angle and rotational speed guaranteeing exceptionally homogenous films even on very jagged samples. Samples can be arranged optimally on the table thanks to the intelligent layout of the mounting holes for SEM stubs. The compact pancake design enables handy preparation and sample transport with a height of just 23 mm with an 80 mm diameter.

CCU-010 SEM Coating System

CCU-010 SEM Coating System for low vacuum system operation
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RS-SM-CCU-010-LV each

Description: The CCU-010 SEM Coating System for low vacuum system operation.

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CCU-010 SEM Coating system

The CCU-010 SEM Coating system for high vacuum system operation
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RS-SM-CCU-010-HV each

Description: The CCU-010 SEM Coating system for high vacuum system operation.

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