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Rave Micro-Tec 

Polycarbonate Vacuum Desiccators


The Rave Micro-Tec lightweight, polycarbonate desiccators are ideally suited to store samples in a clean and moisture free environment. The shatterproof polycarbonate desiccators are much lighter and safer than glass desiccators.
They include an integrated vacuum gauge in the lid and venting/pumping valves both in the base and in the lid. The venting valve allows for gentle venting to avoid disturbance of the stored samples. Beneath the white polypropylene storage plate there is ample space for a desiccant to keep a moisture free environment. The base of de Micro-Tec desiccators includes a large diameter rim for added stability. The soft neoprene O-ring provides a vacuum seal which does not require grease. The Micro-Tec polycarbonate vacuum desiccators can hold a vacuum level of 150 mbar for over 3 weeks. The lid incluMetallurgic Overview 11 000232 Pin stub adapter for 32mm JEOL and Hitachi stubsdes a large, ribbed knob for easy lifting and handling. The Micro-Tec polycarbonate desiccators are available in two sizes: 150mm and 250mm diameter.
These Polycarbonate desiccators are also ideal for degassing of epoxies or resins; the two valves allow for precise adjusting of the vacuum level. Both the pumping speed and the venting speed can be controlled separately.

Features of the Rave Micro-Tec lightweight polycarbonate desiccators


  • Made from clear, shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Integrated vacuum gauge in lid
  • 2 venting/pumping valves with hose connectors
  • Polypropylene sample storage plate
  • Desiccant chamber underneath the storage plate
  • Soft neoprene O-ring seal
  • Large, ribbed knob on lid
  • Easy sample location through clear wall and lid

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