XT Stage Extender Strips


12 003012 EM Tec XT SEM stage travel extender strips


In any SEM the X and Y stage translation will always have limitations. With the EM-Tec XT extender strips, sample area coverage can be increased to 100x100mm for SEMs with smaller SEM sample stages. The EM-Tec XT extender strip off-sets the large sample holder (EM-Tec XL100 multi holder). This enables coverage of a larger sample area by scanning half the area of the EM-Tec XL100 holder and then rotating it by 180 degrees to enable scanning the other half.

Most SEM chambers are relatively large and can hold samples up to 150x150mm or more. Extending the sample area up to 100x100mm with the EM-Tec XL holder should be possible on most SEMs with a large chamber. Most SEM manufacturers offer a choice of SEM sample stages (smaller and larger) for the same SEM chamber. Please check any limitations on your SEM before using the EM-Tec XT extender strips.

The available EM-Tec XT SEM stage travel extender strips include: