Universal Sample Holder Kit


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12 003399 EM Tec U2 universal SEDM sample and stub kit


Designed for a multi-instrument environment the EM-Tec U2 universal SEM sample holder and SEM stub adapter kit has been created to hold a wide variety of SEM samples up to 42mm. The samples can be flat, round, block or awkwardly shaped. Also included in this kit is a useful selection of SEM stub adapters which enables using this kit on virtually any SEM. Fully compatible with FEI/Philips, JEOL, Hitachi, Tescan, Zeiss/LEO and other brands of SEMs. Rave Scientific can also customize a user kit specific to your lab environment.

Ideally suited for:

  • Multi-user environments
  • Labs with different brands of SEMs
  • Labs with a large and changing variety of samples
  • Service labs to cope with different sample stubs
  • Portability between SEM platforms

The selection of popular and practical EM-Tec SEM sample holders all include an M4 threaded hole. Fully compatible with the SEM stub adapters provided in this universal sample holder kit and with Hitachi SEMs.

Included SEM stub adapters in the EM-Tec U2 kit are:

  • Pin stub adapters for FEI/Philips, Zeiss/LEO, Tescan, Amray
  • A12.2mm JEOL stub adapter with M4 screw
  • A 12.2mm JEOL stub adapter for pin stubs
  • EM-Tec P4 multi pin holder double as pin stub adapter for Hitachi  SEMs.

The complete kit is presented in a high quality wooden box with all the SEM sample holder and adapters neatly arranged in a hard plastic insert. This kit can also be used to convert SEM sample stubs up to 32mm diameter to fit other SEM brands.

Features of the EM-Tec U2 universal SEM sample holder and adapter kit:

  • Versatile and universal kit for samples up to 42mm sample size
  • Quick and easy sample holding
  • SEM platform independent
  • SEM platform interchangeable
  • Conversion set for SEM sample stubs included
  • Effortless reconfiguration of SEM sample holders
  • Practical, productive, portable
  • Neatly arranged in a wooden box

 SEM sample holders included in the EM-Tec U2 universal SEM sample holder and adapter kit are:

Product #Holder TypeDescriptionCapacitySample Holding
RS-MN-12-000300 EM-Tec V22 Compact vise clamp 0-22mm Vise jaws
RS-MN-12-000306 EM-Tec HS6 Mini vise clamp 0-6mm Set screw
RS-MN-12-000314 EM-Tec P4 Multi holder for 4 pin stubs 4x pin stubs Set screws
EM-Tec S42 Universal spring loaded vise holder Up to 42mm Vise jaws
RS-MN-12-000333 EM-Tec R32 Bulk sample holder Up to Ø32mm Set screw
RS-MN-12-004920-3 EM-Tec S-Clip 3xS-Clip on Ø25mm M4 stub Up to 2mm H S-Clip
EM-Tec S-clip 2xS-Clip on 45/90° on Ø25mm M4 stub Up to 2mm H S-Clip

 SEM stub adapters included in the EM-Tec U2 universal SEM sample holder and adapter kit are:

Product #Adapter TypeDescriptionBaseAdapts to
RS-MN-11-000106 EM-Tec ZR4 Short pin stub adapter with rim to M4 Short Zeiss pin M4
RS-MN-11-000116 EM-Tec Z4 Short pin stub adapter to M4 Short Zeiss pin M4
RS-MN-11-000109 EM-Tec PR4 Pin stub adapter with rim to M4 Standard pin M4
RS-MN-11-000119 x2 EM-Tec P4 Pin stub adapter to M4 Standard pin M4
RS-MN-11-000120 EM-Tec KR4 Long pin stub adapter with rim to M4 Long pin M4
RS-MN-11-000513 EM-Tec J12P JEOL Ø12.2mm stub to pin Ø12.2x10mm JEOL stub pin
RS-MN-11-000514 EM-Tec J12H JEOL Ø12.2mm stub to M4 Ø12.2x10mm JEOL stub M4