Coxem SEM Basic Sample Preparation Supplies


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In addition to the SEM mounts and holders for the Coxem series table top SEMs, basic SEM sample preparation supplies are indispensable for optimum sample preparation and correct imaging and analysis. They are conveniently grouped together on this page. Although the Coxem series table top SEMs include operation modes to avoid charging it is good practice to work with conductive samples and to make sure that the samples are grounded by using conductive adhesives. It is recommended to coat the surface of non-conductive sample with a thin layer of gold, using a sputter coater. When using images to generate data for measurements, it is recommended to calibrate to the system the system first with an EM-Tec magnification calibration standard. In addition we offer a complete user and starter kit.                                    

Basic sample preparation supplies

The following recommended basic SEM sample preparation supplies for the Coxem Electron Microscope can be conveniently ordered from this page. Additional information can be found on the relevant product pages.

EM-Tec conductive silver paste or carbon paint to glue sample to sample stubs.
EM-Tec conductive copper SEM tape to make grounding paths.
EM-Tec Silicon finder grid for either multiple small samples or correlative microscopy.
Conductive tabs to adhere samples such as powder on sample stubs.
EM-Tec stub gripper tweezers for the 12.7 mm stubs
EM-Tec preparation stands for pin stubs.
Value-Tec sample preparation tweezers.
Value-Tec dust blower.
Micro-Tec disposable scalpels.
Micro-Tec white PE Preparation Board.
Micro-Tec fine needles for preparing smaller samples.
Micro-Tec fine probes for preparing smaller samples.

Calibration tools for the Coxem table top SEMs

Recommended calibration tools for imaging and EDX analysis with the Coxem series table top SEMs are:

  • EM-Tec MCS-1TR magnification calibration standard on Hitachi stub #RS-MN-31-T31000-8
  • Micro-Tec MTC-5 multiple target graticule calibration standard #RS-MN-31-T33600-9
  • EM-Tec CSX-5C light element and EDX calibration standard #RS-MN-36-000505 (In addition you need #RS-MN-11-000304)

Coxem EX Series SEM User Starter Kit

em 30 800px

The Rave Scientific Coxem user kit provides a flexible and easy way to purchase a comprehensive kit of the required basic sample preparation consumables and calibration standards. Standards are required for checking magnification, EDS and resolution in the electron microscope. All sample holders and standards are fully compatible with the Coxem EM 30-Plus, EM 30-LE and EM 30-AX systems. This kit also includes a set of 5 sample preparation tweezers and a variety of sample holders providing best in class versatility. The kit is available in two versions, with and without calibration samples. Below is the list of parts.                                                                                                                                


1-EM-Tec single sided conductive copper SEM tape 6mm x 30m-1

1-High purity conductive double sided adhesive carbon tabs, Ø12mm-pkg/100

1-High purity conductive double sided adhesive carbon tabs, Ø25mm-pkg/54

1-EM-Tec C39 strong conductive carbon cement, 25g bottle-1

1-Value-Tec set of 5 general purpose tweezers, includes style 3, 5, 5A, 7 and SS (slim long) nonmagnetic

1-EM-Tec R32 bulk sample holder for up to Ø32mm, aluminum, M4

1-EM-Tec MV22 combined compact vise (0-22mm) plus multi pin stub holder, M4

1-EM-Tec P4 multi pin stub holder for 4 pin stubs, Ø31.5x10.5mm, pin

1-SEM pin stub Ø12.7 diameter top standard pin aluminum-pkg/50

1-EM-Tec 127G.AM SEM pin stub gripper tweezers for Ø12.7mm pin stubs, anti-magnetic

1-EM-Tec 250.AM SEM stub gripper tweezers for Ø25mm cylinder stubs, anti-magnetic stainless

1-Micro-Tec PrepTile 15, black polished granite, 15x15cm

1-EM-Tec multi stub preparation stand for 28 Hitachi Ø15mm stubs

1-EM-Tec H15P M4 adapter for pin stub, Ø15x16mm, M4

3-EM-Tec P4 pin stub adapter to Hitachi M4 for smaller SEM stubs and SEM holders with M4

thread. Pin is standard 3.2mm diameter and 9.5mm long

1-Hand Duster

1-EM-Tec PrepPod horizontal stand for 11 standard pin stubs

1-EM-Tec SB77 wooden box with 77 (7x11) storage positions for standard 12.7mm pin stubs.

1-EM-Tec Au on C resolution standard 2, 30-300nm, mounted on Hitachi 15mm stub-1

1-Micro-Tec MTC-5 Multiple target calibration standard with 4 patterns, Bright Field-1

1-EM-Tec CXS-5F light element and EDS calibration standard, 5 materials plus F/C on pin stub-1