UranyLess TEM staining alternative for Uranyl Acetate
fast-acting, non-radioactive lanthanide staining mix







UranyLess is an efficient, ready to use staining substitute for uranyl acetate delivering similar results. Uranyless is a real alternative  to uranyl acetate, without the problems and restrictions, toxicity and waste elimination procedures associated with uranyl acetate.

UranyLess is a proprietary mix of multiple lanthanides with a great affinity for biological material and comes as a ready to use aqueous solution. It has been tested on many a biological tissue, both animal and plant. The UranyLess staining solution is ideal for ultra-fine sections and negative staining. UranyLess is an efficient, non-radioactive lanthanide staining mix. After only one minute of contact, the sections or deposits are stained to provide contrast for subsequent TEM imaging. If needed, lead citrate is recommended to enhance contrast; classic staining protocol after Reynolds (1963).

UranyLess is supplied in an Airless bottle with a content of 30ml. The Airless bottle is filled without air and delivers droplets of the solution through a push-pump system. This eliminates CO2 contamination. With 30ml you can stain approximately 1500 TEM grids. The UranyLess solution in the Airless bottle has a long shelf life, eliminates CO2 contamination's and avoids waste by delivery in droplets. The pH level of UranyLess is 6.8 to 7. Alternative packaging size is 200ml for the Leica EM Stain automatic stainer.

Lead citrate. Although UranyLess has a strong contasting effect, it is recommended to use lead citrate to enhance the contrast following the classic staining protocol according to Reynolds. We offer a ready to use 3% lead citrate solution in an Airless bottle which is filled w/o air and delivers the lead citrate droplets through a push-pump system thus eliminating CO2 contamination.