Micro Tec Orange Indicating Reusable Desiccant Sorbent Dehydration Box



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Rave Scientific offers the Micro-Tec DB5 reusable desiccant box consists of a small perforated plastic box filled with orange indicating silica gel. The base and the top of the plastic box contain narrow slots for air circulation. The silica gel sorbent captures moisture while the silica gel is conveniently held inside the box. Ideal to lower humidity in closed containers and to protect sensitive samples, parts, materials and assemblies from moisture. Size of the Micro-Tec DB5 reusable desiccant box is 55x55x27mm; it contains 45g of orange indicating silica gel desiccant. 
Indicating silica gel comes in the form of 2-3mm glass beads and contains 2.5nm pores; this translates to the huge surface area of 800m2/g. Silica gel readily adsorbs water on its vast surfaces and reduces the humidity in a closed container until it is saturated. Works best at room temperatures and at high humidity, but will work in the full 0-100°C range. The Micro-Tec DB5 pack can be used in smaller desiccators up to 100l; use multiple Micro-Tec DB5 packs for larger containers. The indicating materials changes from orange (dry) to dark green (8-10%) water; maximum capacity is around 40% water. The indicating silica gel can be easily regenerated by heating at 140°C in an oven or by microwaving 3 x 3 min at 900 watt max.