Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes


rs mn pipettesOverview

Rave Scientific offers practical one-piece plastic transfer pipettes (Pasteur pipettes), made from natural low density polyethylene (LDPE). They are simple and safe to use with a long shelf life; no issues with broken glass, cracked or loose bulbs.  Additional advantage is that with the single piece design lager amount can be transferred by allowing fluids in the bulb. These plastic transfer pipettes are ideal for transferring small amounts of fluids for microscopy sample preparations or to prepare mixtures or staining solutions. The extra fine tip enables transferring minute amount of fluids. These cost-efficient plastic transfer pipettes are disposable and intended for one-time use. Ideal for educational and research environments. Can be used for fluids up to 70°C, please take care to protect the fingers squeezing the bulb.  Available in three sizes/styles:

  • PT3 standard tip, 3ml, graduated with 0.5ml increments, bulb capacity 4ml, length 160mm
  • PT1 standard tip, 1ml, graduated with 0.25ml increments, bulb capacity 4ml, length 160mm
  • PT1F extra fine tip, 1ml, non-graduated, bulb capacity 4ml, length 160mm
    Supplied in packs of 100 and boxes of 500.

PT3 disposable plastic transfer pipette, 3ml, graduated, single piece LDPE

PT1 disposable plastic transfer pipette, 1ml, graduated, single piece LDPE

PT1F fine tip disposable plastic transfer pipette, 1ml, non-graduated, single piece LDPE