EM-Tec Conductive Silver Filled Epoxy

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rs mn EM Tec conductive silver filled epoxy


Rave Scientific offers M-Tec conductive silver epoxies enable embedding and cementing samples and parts providing high conductivity and good mechnical strength. When the epoxy is cured, the sample can undergo further preparation steps such as polishing, lapping, thinning, etc. The epoxies are not suitable for soldering, but create conductive contact.  The EM-Tec silver filled epoxies are a two component system supplied in two syringes. To improve conductivity and to make mixing easy, both components are silver loaded.  The amounts of the EM-Tec silver epoxy sets are chosen for affordability, yet sufficient for experiments, sample preparation and prototyping. The EM-Tec range of high-end silver filled conductive epoxies include:

  • EM-Tec AG 30 Long pot life, extreme conductivity silver epoxy, 21g supplied in 2 syringes
  • EM-Tec AG 31 Fast setting, conductivity silver epoxy, 14g supplied in 2 syringes
  • EM-Tec AG 32 Long pot life, high conductivity silver epoxy, 15g supplied in 2 syringes

EM-Tec AG 30 long pot life, extreme conductivity silver filled epoxy

EM-Tec AG30 conductive silver filled epoxy combines excellent conductivity,  good thermal conductivity, good mechanical strength, long pot life and relatively low curing temperature. Excellent choice for high end applications where excellent conductivity is needed. The low curing temperature of 65°C provides compatibility with temperature sensitive materials or devices. Easy mixing ratio of 1:1 by volume

EM-Tec AG 31 fast setting, conductivity silver filled epoxy

EM-Tec AG31 is a fast setting silver filled epoxy and ideal when time is the limiting factor. Gives 10 minutes working window and cures in 15 minutes at  the relatively low curing temperature of 65°C. Conductive and mechanical properties will be suffcient for most for non-critical applications. The Em-Tec AG31 represents the most economical silver filled epoxy. It should not be used for applications where shrinkage is a limiting factor.



EM-Tec AG 32 long pot life, high conductivity silver filled epoxy

EM-Tec AG32 conductive silver filled epoxy is an all-round long pot life type epoxy for applications where extreme conductivity and/or highest thermal conductivity are not needed. It is the strongets of the three epoxies and should be used where mechanical strength is needed. Best conductive epoxy for cross sectioning.

Epoxy type

EM-Tec AG29

EM-Tec AG30

EM-Tec AG31

EM-Tec AG32

Product #





Pot life

10 minutes

4 hrs

10 minutes

4 hrs

Electrical conductivity

0.0010 ohn.cm

0.0007 ohm.cm

0.0174 ohm.cm

0.006 ohm.cm

Thermal conductivity @ 25°C
                                  @ 50°C
                                  @ 100°C 

1.63 W/(m.K)
1.79 W/(m.K)
1.65 W/(m.K)

1.748 W/(m.K)
1.750 W/(m.K)
1.684 W/(m.K)

0.903 W/(m.K)
0.893 W/(m.K)
0.813 W/(m.K)

0.850 W/(m.K)
0.826 W/(m.K)
0.961 W/(m.K)

Hardness Shore






3.3 g/cm3

2.82 g/cm3

2.44 g/cm3

2.19 g/cm3

Outgassing (curing)





Vacuum compatibility





Compression strength

21 MPa

35.9 MPa

13  Mpa

64.6 MPa

Tensile strength

6.3 Mpa

8.9 MPa

6.28 Mpa

13.5 MPa

Cure time @ 22°C
Cure time @ 65°C
Cure time @ 100°C

24 hrs
20 minutes
12 minutes

96 hrs
120 minutes
60 minutes

24 hours
15 minutes
11 minutes

96 hours
120 minutes
50 minutes

Minimum temperature





Maximum temperature





Weight (in 2 syringes)





Mixing ratio

1:1 by volume

1:1 by volume

1:1 by volume

1:1 by volume

Shelf life @ 20°C

> 3 years

> 2 years

> 2 years

> 2 years