EM-Storr Vacuum EM Sample Storage Transport Shipping Containers



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Rave Scientific offers the EM-Tec EM-Storr vacuum sample storage containers. The EM-Storr containers have been specifically developed to store and protect SEM/FIB/TEM samples and calibration standards under vacuum. An end user can source the entire turnkey package from this page:

  • Container
  • Replacement O-ring
  • Vacuum hose
  • Clamp

The EM-Storr vacuum container protects valuable samples from air, moisture and dust. The superior EM-Storr vacuum container is constructed using high vacuum compatible materials: vacuum grade aluminum, a hardened safety glass lid, NBR O-ring and an all metal high vacuum valve with PTFE shaft seal. The outside of the aluminum container is hard anodized for protection. To reduce out-gassing and to hold vacuum for extended periods, the inside surface is machined vacuum grade aluminum with a glass lid. The EM-Storr vacuum desiccator is capable of reaching vacuum in the 10-4 mbar range. The vacuum connection for pump-down is a 6mm (1/4”) barbed hose fitting – compatible with 6mm thick wall silicon vacuum hose.  The EM-Storr vacuum containers are stack able; the octagonal design is optimized for handling, strength and weight. 


Features of the EM-Storr vacuum sample storage containers

  • Protects oxygen sensitive and/or moist sensitive samples
  • Protects samples and calibration standards against contamination
  • Firmly holds pin stubs or Hitachi M4 stubs in base 
  • Compatible with EM-Tec GB-30 TEM grid boxes
  • Compatible with EM-Tec FSB100S FIB grid boxes
  • Ideal for storing and  transporting sensitive samples
  • Clear hardened glass lid provides excellent vacuum seal
  • Easy sample location through clear glass lid
  • Sturdy,  space-saving stackable and octagonal design
  • Vacuum grade aluminum / glass construction
  • Special version model 83 with large chamber for bulk/large samples
  • Special version model 83L for bulk/large samples 

Storage capacity of the EM-Storr vacuum sample storage container is:


Product #


Chamber / Dimen.


EM-Storr 81P


Pin stubs

Ø80 x 15mm

19 x Ø12.7mm or 7 x Ø25.4mm or 2 x Ø32mm or 1 x Ø38/Ø50/Ø63mm pin stub 

EM-Storr 81H


Hitachi M4

Ø80 x 15mm

19 x Ø15mm or 7 x Ø25mm or 2 x Ø32mm 
or 1 x Ø50/Ø63mm cylinder stub 

EM-Storr 81T


TEM grids

Ø80 x 15mm

2 x 30 TEM grids in the EM-Tec #28-001030 
GB-30 TEM storage box

EM-Storr 81F


FIB lift-out

Ø80 x 15mm

1 x 100 FIB lift-out grids in the EM-Tec #28-002100 FSB100S FIB grid storage box

EM-Storr 83EL


Bulk / large samples

Ø80 x 52 mm
120x120x 71mm

Large samples, maximum size, 80 x 52mm or 14 x 25 TEM grids or 4 x 100 FIB Grids 






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