Rotary Vacuum Pump oil

Vacuum Oil for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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Rave Scientific offers high quality vacuum oils for standard rotary vane vacuum pumps improve the performance of the rotary vacuum pumps used on scanning and transmission electron microscopes, sputter coating systems, vacuum ovens, glow discharge and other vacuum systems. The original brand vacuum pump oils offered are intended for standard rotary vacuum pump applications. Unlimited shelf life when stored in unopened containers in a cool, dark place. 

It is advised to change the vacuum oil once a year or sooner if the colour of the vacuum oil changes from clear to dark yellow/light brown. The choice of vacuum pump oils for rotary vacuum pumps include: 

  • Edwards Ultragrade 19 vacuum pump oil for single and dual stage rotary pumps made by Edwards, Agilent, Adixen, Alcatel, Varian, Leybold, Oerlikon, Sargent-Welch, Ulvac, Ilmvac, Hitachi and other brands. High quality vacuum oil for standard vacuum applications. 
  • Pfeiffer P3 vacuum pump oil for the Pfeiffer UNO and DUO series rotary vacuum pumps. The Pfeiffer P3 vacuum fluid has the correct viscosity, sealing and lubrication properties for the Pfeiffer rotary pumps. The Pfeiffer P3 vacuum oil is recommended for the DUO 2.5 and DUO 3 rotary pumps supplied with the Cressington desk top coating systems. Pfeiifer P3 vacuum oil is also compatible with many other brands of rotary vacuum pumps.

Product Part Number Price
Pfeiffer P3 vacuum pump oil for Pfeiffer UNO and DUO rotary vacuum pumps and vacuum systems for Safematic SEM coaters RS-PV-P3-1 $25.33 each
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1 liter Ultragrade 19 Rotary Pump Oil RS-EV-H11025015 $21.00 each
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12 x 1 liter Ultragrade 19 RS-EV-H11025012 $225.00 each
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4 liter Ultragrade 19 RS-EV-H11025013 $79.95 each
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4 x 4 liter Ultragrade 19 RS-EV-H11025011 $315.00 each
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High-vacuum grease

Micro-Tec G4 High-Vacuum Silicone Grease



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Rave Scientific offers Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease. This grease has been designed for sealing and lubrication in vacuum and pressure applications. It is a stiff, non-melting silicone lubricating grease which maintains its consistency over a temperature range of -40 to 204ºC. Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum grease is recommended for vacuum systems up to 10-6mbar. It has a translucent white colour and a density of 1.1 g/cm3. Evaporation rate at 200ºC is in the 0.5-1% range. Micro-Tec G4 high vacuum grease has good resistance against mineral and vegetable oils, aqueous solutions of inorganic salts and diluted acids and alkalis.

Due to the initial outgassing, it is recommended to pre-condition the grease under vacuum and operating temperature until the required vacuum level has been reached.

Typical applications include:

  • Seal and lubricate vacuum components
  • Seal and lubricate vacuum feedthroughs
  • Sealing glass desiccators and lubricate glass seals
  • Lubricate O-rings on microscopes
  • Lubricate and seal fine threads
  • Lubricate stop-cockes, plug valves. Control valves and flow meter bearings
  • Lubricate laboratory equipment
  • lubricate synthetic rubber gaskets and seal in high-temperature applications
  • Protect seals in an aqueous environment
  • Corrosion protection

Product Part Number Price
Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease RS-MN-64-001004 $46.00 each
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Conductive Silver Grease

Micro-Tec CSG7 Conductive Silver Vacuum Grease


rs mn 64 001007





Rave Scientific offers Micro-Tec CSG7 conductive silver grease provides a conductive lubrication layer between sliding surfaces and sealing surfaces. Features of this conductive grease are: 

  • Provides ESD safe lubrication
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Vacuum compatible grease
  • Reduces mechanical wear
  • Reduces wear
  • Protects against corrosion from moisture.

Typical applications include lubrication of vacuum transfer rods, airlock systems, moving vacuum feedthroughs, vacuum seals on O-ring, static grounding on seals or O-rings, heat dissipation and lubrication of switches and circuit breakers. The consistency is paste like, silicon grease with silver and carbon black for conductivity.
Service (use) temperature range is -50° to +200°C. Vacuum compatible up to 10-6 mbar. Supplied in a 7 gram syringe for easy and controlled application.


Product Part Number Price
Micro-Tec CSG7 conductive silver vacuum grease RS-MN-64-001007 $87.33 each
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Dupont Krytox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease

Krytox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease


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Krytox GPL 207 is a long-lasting, white buttery grease which is nonreactive, nonflammable, safe in chemical and oxygen service. It only contains carbon, oxygen and fluorine, but no hydrogen or silicone. It will not burn or support combustion. It is an ideal grease for vacuum parts which are exposed to air such as rods in vacuum loading locks, vacuum door seals, moving aperture holders and valves. Krytox does not degrade in contact with air, does not contain any silicone and is basically chemically inert.  Krytox GPL 207 grease consists of Krytox perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluorinated synthetic oil and Krytox 2000 polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It also exhibits excellent anti-seize properties. It can be used up to a service temperature of 288 C. Originally a Dupont product, now a product of Chemours. Krytox GPL 207 is an alternative for Braycote 803 and the OC Five / OC Seven greases. 
Due to initial outgassing, it is recommended to pre-condition the grease under vacuum and operating temperature until the required vacuum level has been reached.

Typical applications include

  • seal and lubricate in oxygen applications 
  • seal and lubricate vacuum components 
  • seal and lubricate load-lock rods 
  • seal and lubricate vacuum feedthroughs 
  • lubricate O-rings on vacuum systems 
  • lubricate seals in aggressive chemical environments 

Specifications of Kryox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease 

Product #

64-001015 / 64-001060

Service temperature range

-30°C to +288°C

Density @ 0°C / 100°C

1.95g/cm3 / 1.78 g/cm3

Viscosity@ 20°C / 100°C

1540CSt / 42cSt

Oxygen compatible


Chemical resistance



Virtually insoluble 




Ordering Information for Krytox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease 


Product Part Number Price
Krytox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease, 15g tube RS-MN-64-001015 $39.33 each
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Krytox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease, 15g tube RS-MN-64-001060 $84.67 each
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