Edwards Active Penning Gauges

Edwards Penning Gauges Edwards Active Inverted Magnetron (AIM) Gauges provide accurate measurement over the vacuum range of 1 x 10-2 to 1 x 10-9 mbar. These gauges have proved to be rugged and reliable in a wide range of applications, ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes. The AIM-X Gauge is an inverted magnetron gauge head and gauge controller combined into a single compact unit, and features a linear output for easy integration with a computer or PLC. The XL variants have a very low external magnetic field, these are ideally suitable for use with sensitive analytical instruments or in applications where the gauge needs to be mounted in close proximity to a turbo molecular pump. Every gauge is available with  an optional printed certificate of certification that supports the pre-testing of every gauge.   AIM X Gauge Brochure 

Product Part Number Price
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-X-NW25 PENNING GAUGE RS-EV-D14642000 $1,099.00 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-X-DN40CF PENNING GAUGE RS-EV-D14662000 $1,374.96 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-X-NW25, Certificated RS-EV-D1464200C $1,139.00 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-X-DN40CF, Certificated RS-EV-D1466200C $1,423.92 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-XL-NW 25 RS-EV-D14645000 $1,139.00 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-XL-DN40CF RS-EV-D14665000 $1,138.00 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-XL-NW 25,Certificated RS-EV-D1464500C $1,825.80 each
EDWARDS APG100-XM-AIM-XL-DN40CF,Certificated RS-EV-D1466500C $2,205.24 each
Edwards 3 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001030 $66.69 each
Edwards 5 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001050 $84.21 each
Edwards 10 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001100 $121.00 each
Edwards 3 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001030_copy1826763536 $66.69 each