Edwards nAIM Digital Active Inverted Magnetron Vacuum Gauge

Screen Shot 2018 11 25 at 11.29.12 PMThe Edwards nAIM series Digital Active Inverted Magnetron vacuum gauges combine the gauge-head and controller in one compact active unit. These are new digital versions of gauges that have proved to be rugged and reliable in a wide range of applications ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes. The nAIM gauges feature compact size for easy installation, a serial output and a replaceable sensor tube. They are also CSA and C/US approved as well as fully RoHS compliant due to their lead-free construction.nAIM Digital Penning Gauge Brochure

Product Part Number Price
nAIM RS485 NW25 RS-EV-D14690010 $1,464.00 each
nAIM RS485 DN40 CF RS-EV-D14690020 $2,030.00 each
nAIM-I RS485 NW25 RS-EV-D14690030 $1,656.00 each
nAIM RS232 NW25 RS-EV-D1690510 $661.00 each
nAIM RS232 DN40 CF RS-EV-D14690520 $2,030.00 each
nAIM-I RS232 NW25 RS-EV-D14690530 $1,659.00 each
nAIM-L RS485 NW25 RS-EV-D14691010 $1,960.00 each
nAIM-L RS485 DN40 CF RS-EV-D14691020 $2,454.00 each
nAIM-LI RS485 NW25 RS-EV-D14691030 $2,219.00 each
nAIM-L RS232 NW25 RS-EV-D14691510 $1,960.00 each
nAIM-L RS232 DN40 CF RS-EV-D14691520 $2,454.00 each
nAIM-LI RS232 NW25 RS-EV-D14691530 $2,219.00 each