Edwards ADC Active Digital Controllers

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 at 1.07.55 AMThe Edwards Active Digital Controller (ADC) is a compact single or two gauge controller and display. It features a bright LED display and simple push-button controls. The ADC automatically recognizes compatible Edwards gauges, loads the appropriate look-up table and displays the pressure in commonly used vacuum units. The ADC is available in standard and enhanced versions. The standard controller displays the pressure measured by a single active gauge. The enhanced controller supports two gauges, is equipped with two variable hysteresis set-points which are linked to 48V dc 1A changeover relays, and two 0-10V dc                           analog outputs.                                             Edwards ADC Brochure

Product Part Number Price
Edwards ADC Standard Controller RS-EV-D39590000 $541.74 each
Edwards ADC Standard Controller mkII Enhanced RS-EV-D39591500 $703.39 each
Edwards ADC Standard Controller, Certificated RS-EV-D39590000C $819.72 each
Edwards ADC Standard Controller mkII Enhanced, Certificated RS-EV-D39591500C $826.60 each
Edwards 3 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001030 $66.69 each
Edwards 5 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001050 $84.21 each
Edwards 10 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001100 $121.00 each
Edwards 25 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001250 $232.00 each
Edwards 50 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001500 $422.00 each
Edwards 100 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001999 $796.00 each