Edwards APG100 Series Active Pirani Gauge

APG100 XM NW25 1 D02602000 The Edwards APG100 series Pirani  gauge is available in two models. The APG100-XM  that measures vacuum to 10-3 mbar and the APG100-XLC  which is a more corrosion resistant gauge that measures vacuum to 10-4 mbar. All gauges are available in NW16, NW25, DN16CF size flange fittings. Every gauge is available with  an optional printed certificate of certification that supports the pre-testing of every  gauge. All gauges feature a compact size for easy installation, a linear output and a replaceable sensor tube. These gauges are compatible with all Edwards TIC instrument controllers and other Active gauge controllers and displays. They are also CSA, C/US approved as well as fully RoHS  compliant due to their lead-free construction. APG 100 Brochure 

Product Part Number Price
Edwards APG100-XM, NW16 Pirani Gauge RS-EV-D02601000 $390.00 each
Edwards APG100-XM, NW 25 Pirani Gauge RS-EV-D02602000 $398.00 each
Edwards APG100-XM, DN16CF Pirani Gauge RS-EV-NRD710000 $639.00 each
Edwards APG100-XLC, corrosion resistant, NW16 RS-EV-D02603000 $447.20 each
Edwards APG100-XLC, corrosion resistant, NW 25 RS-EV-D02604000 $456.00 each
Edwards APG100-XLC, corrosion resistant, DN16CF RS-EV-NRD712000 $682.00 each
Edwards APG100-XM, NW16, Certificated RS-EV-D0260100C $568.00 each
Edwards APG100-XM, NW25, Certificated RS-EV-D0260200C $580.00 each
Edwards APG100-XLC, NW16, Corrosion Certificated RS-EV-D0260300C $627.20 each
Edwards APG100-XLC, NW25, Corrosion Certificated RS-EV-D0260400C $692.00 each
Edwards 3 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001030 $66.69 each
Edwards 5 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001050 $84.21 each
Edwards 10 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001100 $121.00 each
Edwards 3 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001030_copy1826763536 $66.69 each
Edwards 25 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001250 $232.00 each
Edwards 50 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001500 $422.00 each
Edwards 100 Meter Active Gauge Cable RS-EV-D40001999 $796.00 each