Multi XL Large Holders

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Xl Multi Large Holder


Rave Scientific offer the unique EM-Tec XL100 Multi XL Large Holder. This holder has been designed to hold 4 large SEM sample stubs or 4 SEM sample holders up to a diameter of 53mm. This holder is intended for use on large SEM sample stages with an X-Y travel range of 100x100mm or more. This practical and affordable holder greatly increases productivity for multiple sample imaging and analyzing tasks. The EM-Tec XL100 multi holder can also be used on smaller stages in combination with the EM-Tec XT off-center stage extender strips.
The unique X shape of the holder saves weight, enables easy loading and securing stubs or holders on the EM-Tec XL100 multi holder. At the center of the EM-Tec XL100,  the engraved X and numbers enable easy identification of each “leg”. Supplied with additional stub extenders to increase height and to bring the holders closer to the pole piece if flat samples need to be imaged or analyzed.


Compatible SEM sample stubs for the EM-Tec XL100 multi holder are:

  • Standard pin sample stubs with 25.4, 32, 38 and 50mm diameter
  • Short Zeiss pin sample stubs with 25.4, 32, 38 and 50mm diameter
  • Hitachi M4 threaded cylinder sample stubs with 25, 32 and 50mm diameter


Stub holdingStandard Ø3.2mm pinStandard Ø3.2mm pin & M4 Thread
Stub Sizes Ø25, Ø32, Ø38 and Ø50mm Ø25, Ø32, Ø38 and Ø50mm
Stage Adapter Standard Ø3.2mm pin M4 threaded hole
Stub Expender 2 x 10mm (#11-000210) 2 x 10mm (#11-000210)
Material Aluminum  
Dimernsions 90 x 90 x 10mm