EM-Tec M31P Metal slide adapter to accommodate pin stubs on reflected light microscopes RS-MN-11-000675

Common price: $39.99 Our price: $53.32 each Out of stock Weight: 0.036 lb

EM-Tec M31P metal slide adapter to accommodate standard and short Zeiss pin stubs on upright reflected light microscopes. Top part accepts the 3.2mm pin of the pin stubs. Designed for pin stubs up to 25.4mm diameter, but will work with pin stubs of 32 and 38mm as well. Pin stub can be secured with a stainless steel M3 screw. Overall size is 76.2 x 25.4 x 11.2mm. Made from black metal anodsed aluminum slade with a 25mm aluminum pin stub adapter.