EM-Tec AG42 strong and highly conductive silver cement, 15g bottle RS-MN-15-002141

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EM-Tec AG42 is a strong conductive silver cement based on fine silver flakes with an acrylic binder. Achieves excellent bonding properties on a wide variety of materials including, plastics, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, rubber, epoxies and textiles. The tough acrylic binder reduces material loss where as the silver flakes ensure excellent conductivity. Use when highest conductivity is needed. Ideal for making grounding tracks and to bond SEM samples on sample stubs. This silver cement has the consistency of a paste. Dries relatively quickly, depending on thickness; drying goes quicker with moderate heat up to 65°C. Can be used on flexible surfaces. Solvent is acetone, solution contains approximately 60% silver, acrylic based binder. Excellent conductivity. Supplied in a 15cc glass bottle with a brush, 15 gram.

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