Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pick-up pen, swiss made RS-MN-52-001905

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The swiss made Micro-Tec pen size, manually operated vacuum pick-up pen is easy to operate and doesn't require power or batteries. Ideal for picking up coverslips, substrates, components, small parts and samples. It is fully ESD safe with a conductive metal body and ESD safe plastic parts. Included with the vacuum pick-up pen are two metal needles (one straigth and one angled at 45 degrees) and 3 ESD safe rubber vacuum cups. Tips are 1.3mm O.D. (18 gauge) and effectively 20mm long. Cup sizes are 4, 6 and 9mm diameter and are intended for use on the needles. High performance piston actuated pump ensures excellent vacuum performance. A small vial of vacuum grease is included to ensure long term optimum lifting capacity.