EM-Tec C32 water based conductive graphene-carbon paint, no VOC, 25g bottle RS-MN-15-001132

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EM-Tec C32 is a novel, water based conductive graphene paint with fine dispersed graphene sheets (~1-5μm). The EM-Tec C32 graphene carbon paint is free off any hydro-carbon based solvents and is fully compatible with high vacuum (HV) systems and even UHV systems when dry. Due to its low viscosity, cracks and small gaps are easily filled. EM-Tec C32 shows high conductivity when dry. Ideal for mounting SEM specimens and making grounding paths. Samples can be easily removed afterwards due to its low mechanical strength. Excellent bonding properties on a wide variety of sample materials such as metals, rocks, concrete, ceramics, epoxies, plastics, wood and textiles. Other applications are lubrication on moving surfaces and shielding. EM-Tec C32 contains approx. 10% graphene in the solution. Supplied in a 30cc glass bottle with 25g contents and a cap with brush. Keep container above 0 degrees Celcius; do not freeze!

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