Value-Tec Ceramic Tip Tweezer

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Rave Scientific offers the Value-Tec ZTA series ceramic tip tweezers. These tweezers present exceptional value in ceramic tip tweezers. They are made with stainless steel handles to which the ceramic tips are attached. The material used for the ZTA ceramic tips is a zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA). This is the material of choice for high temperature applications. The ceramic ZTA tips combine high wear resistance, high hardness and high temperature stability (1400°C) with good chemical stability. The hard surface makes the tips highly wear resistant. Other advantages of the ZTA ceramic tips are lack of open porosity and a relative low density (light). The color of the ZTA ceramic tips is white. Available in six different styles. Tips of ceramic tweezers are not as fine as from stainless steel tweezers. Applications for the Value-Tec ZTA series ceramic tips tweezers include handling of hard materials, handling of samples or components during chemical, heating, flaming and soldering processes. Generally used where rigid and high temperature resistant tips are required. .