Tweezers Overview

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Rave Scientific offers a wide variety of tweezers. Our tweezers range from general to highly specialized designs to cover all application areas. The tweezers are divided into five distinct categories:

  • High precision tweezers for EM, sample prep and special applications in microscopy. All tweezers are made from anti-magnetic stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber filled plastics.
  • SEM stub gripper tweezers to handle grooved pin stubs and the cylinder stubs varying in size from 10 to 32mm diameter.
  • Special tweezers for Gatan 3View pins and Cryo grid boxes.
  • Tweezers for AFM applications to handle AFM/SPM cantilevers and AFM discs.  All tweezers are made from anti magnetic stainless steel.
  • General purpose and industrial tweezers. A variety of fine, medium and strong tweezers all with an excellent price point.