High Precision Titanium Tweezers

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These high precision titanium tweezers are Swiss made and precisely engineered and designed with smooth edges and a superior matte finish to reduce glare. They are manufactured from tough, strong and lightweight Grade 1 titanium.  Titanium exhibits good corrosion resistance to salts, low concentrate acids, solvents, oils and greases. Titanium has a combination of unique properties: 

  • Fully non-magnetic – ideal for handling magnets or when a strong magnetic field is present
  • High strength to weight ratio – excellent choice for precision repetitive tasks
  • High melting point and can be used up to 870°C – high temperature use
  • Bio-compatible – maintain cell integrity in biology, medical and histology
  • Good wear resistance – clean room compatible material
  • Cold formable and high ductility – ideal for handling brittle materials like silicon or glass.

The application fields for the EM-Tec high precision titanium tweezers are wide ranging and include: sample handling, microscopy preparation, biological, medical, histology, precision manufacturing, magnetic, cleaning and high temperature applications. There are 7 popular styles of tweezers and a set of 5 offered in foam lined plastic wallet.