High Precision Cutting Tweezers

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Rave Scientific offers high precision cutting tweezers from EM-Tech. These tweezers feature precision ground edges for precise cutting of fine wires. Made from hardened tool steel to ensure durability, our tweezers are designed for cutting soft copper, gold, silver, aluminum and magnetic wires. They are also ideal for cutting tabs from TEM grids to make custom FIB grids. It is advisable to keep these cutting tweezers clean and use oil to protect them against corrosion. We have a choice of 4 popular styles, including the EM-Tec 152.S mini-cutting tweezers. The high quality, Swiss made EM-Tec high precision cutting tweezers feature:

  • Hardened steel cutting blades with precision ground edges
  • Smooth wide handles for asserting pressure
  • Matte anti-glare finish
  • Choice of angled or parallel blades for smooth cutting action
  • Cutting of soft copper, gold, silver, aluminum and magnetic wires