EM-Tec FSB100S FIB lift-out grid storage box with single clip RS-MN-28-002100

Common price: $7.99 Our price: $10.65 each Out of stock Weight: 0.018 lb

The EM-Tec FSB-100S FIB lift-out grid storage boxes consist of an anti-static tray to hold up to 100 FIB lift-out grids or 100 standard 3.05mm TEM grids. The grids are to be stored flat in the tray. The tray is made from anti-static black conductive polypropylene. Complete with a clear polystyrene cover to enable easy location of the grids. The grids are stored in a 10x10 individual storage compartments array with a flat on one corner as a reference. The tray and cover are held together with a single piece slide-on PE clip which holds the cover on two sides. Dimensions are 51 x 55 x 11mm; stackable design with ridges and grooves.