EM-Tec GB-4 cryo grid box for 4 TEM grids RS-MN-28-001004

Common price: $10.99 Our price: $14.65 each Out of stock Weight: 0.001 lb

The EM-Tec GB-4 cryo grid box is used with cryo vitrification systems. It is a round grid box with 4 diamond shaped positions, an index notch and a clear lid. The clear lid has a slot which can be rotated to access the cavities. It is held in place with a stainless steel #1 phillips pan head screw.The EM-Tec GB-4 cryo grid box is compatible with the FEI Vitrobot, Gatan CP3, Gatan 3500, Gatan 626 and Leica EM GP cryo systems. Dimensions of the EM-Tec GB-4 are Ø14 x 5.2mm. Screw size is M3x5mm. For handling the cryo grid box in LN2 we offer the EM-Tec 553.AM cryo grid box tweezers.                                                                                                                                                       Cryo Tweezers                    Cryo TEM Films                          TEM Staining Solution-UranyLess