EM-Tec CGB-6 Premium Cryo grid box for 4 TEM grids with click-stop lid and unique numbering RS-MN-28-001014

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The EM-Tec CGB-6 premium cryo grid box has been developed in close collaboration with Jan Löwe at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK. Its primary use is for storing cryo vitrification samples on TEM grids. This practical cryo grid box incorporates a number of improvements like a click-stop rotating lid, a vertical ridge on the lid for easy rotation, marked cavities and a unique number for each individual cryo grid box. The base is a round grid box with 4 diamond shaped positions, marking of each position and an index notch. The lid can be rotated with standard laboratory tweezers and the click-stop mechanism keeps the lid on the base and in place when a cavity is selected. The unique numbering makes it easy to archive the samples, to retrieve from storage and to avoid archiving mistakes or mix-up of samples. The EM-Tec CGB-6 cryo grid box is compatible with the FEI Vitrobot, Gatan CP3, Gatan 3500, Gatan 626 and Leica EM GP cryo systems. Dimensions of the EM-Tec CGB-6 are Ø14 x 9mm. Made from an anti-static polymer blend.                                                                                                                                                                           Cryo Tweezers                    Cryo TEM Films             TEM Staining Solution-UranyLess