Rave Scientific Lint Free Wipes                                                                                                                  


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Rave Scientific offers premium quality optical lens paper tissue for optical instruments cleaning and EM laboratory applications. Carefully made from new stock to achieve a soft and safe tissue free of mineral and vegetable filler. Lint-free, acid-free, soft but strong tissue which can be used either dry or wet.  Useful for many application to protect and clean sensitive surfaces. The Micro-Tec optical lens tissue can be used to replace the Ross lens tissue, which is no longer available. Available in sheets with a size of 100x 150mm (4”x 5”), supplied in booklets with 50 sheets. Sold in packs of 6 booklets with a total of 300 sheets and packs of 30 booklets with a total of 1500 sheets.

Applications of the Micro-Tec optical lens tissue include:

  • Wet or dry leaning of optical microscope lenses and camera lenses
  • Cleaning of optical components, electron microscope parts or displays
  • Protecting substrate when cutting specimens
  • Sorting of delicate parts such as TEM grids
  • Wicking of moisture droplets in sample preparation
  • Wrapping and protecting delicate parts and optical components