Edwards nAPG Digital Active PIrani Gauge

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 at 12.59.52 AMEdwards nAPG series Digital Active Pirani vacuum gauges are available in two models. The nAPG-M is the standard model and measures from atmosphere to 10-3 mbar, the nAPG-LC is a corrosion resistant version with measurement from atmosphere to 10-4 mbar. Both gauges feature compact size for easy installation, a serial output and a replaceable sensor tube. They are also CSA and C/US approved as well as fully Edwards nAPG series Pirani Brochure 

Product Part Number Price
nAPG-M RS485 NW16 RS-EV-D02690000 $575.00 each
nAPG-M RS485 NW25 RS-EV-D02690010 $592.00 each
nAPG-M RS485 DN16 CF RS-EV-D02690020 $856.00 each
nAPG-M RS232 NW16 RS-EV-D02690500 $575.00 each
nAPG-M RS232 NW25 RS-EV-D02690510 $592.00 each
nAPG-M RS232 DN16 CF RS-EV-D02690520 $856.00 each
nAPG-LC RS485 NW16 RS-EV-D02691000 $703.00 each
nAPG-LC RS485 NW25 RS-EV-D02691010 $675.00 each
nAPG-LC RS485 DN16 CF RS-EV-D02691020 $911.00 each
nAPG-LC RS232 NW16 RS-EV-D02691500 $661.00 each
nAPG-LC RS232 NW25 RS-EV-D02691510 $675.00 each
nAPG-LC RS232 DN16 CF RS-EV-D02691520 $911.00 each